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Irish Wolfhound - Valerie Davide Dogs

Meet some 'friends' of artist, Valerie Davide. Some well recognised four-legged friends come to life through her charcoal drawings. Her spontaneous outpouring of energy results in images which are both distinctive and full of character.

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About The Artist:
After she retired to North Cornwall following a career as a counsellor, Valerie Davide turned her attention to drawing. She had often used art therapy in her counselling sessions and found it was beneficial to her patients as well fulfilling for herself. Born in 1938, her fluid work sees her lines ebb and flow across the paper, yet the eyes are the focal point of all her work. 

The Dog Collection:
Bearded Terrier, (Portrait)
British Bulldog, (Landscape)
Curious Hound, (Portrait)
Dreamy Puppy, (Landscape)
Greyhound, (Landscape)
Irish Wolfhound, (Portrait)
Little Dachshund, (Landscape)
Little Schnauzer, (Portrait)
Sleepy Bulldog, (Landscape)
Sleepy Lab, (Landscape)
Smiley Dachshund, (Portrait)
Spotty Dalmatian, (Portrait)

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Framed Dimensions:
51cm x 61cm

Each piece is beautifully framed in a handmade white frame. Should you prefer an alternative please contact us with your request. 

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