Old Fashioned Serving Cutlery Set - Pink

The Old Fashioned collection can be summed up in one word – fun! These versatile pieces would not look out of place in a formal dinner setting or even at a summer picnic. The colours selected by Rachel Bates for this special edit, fit in perfectly with every piece from Rachel Bates Elegantly Curated. 

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Product Details

Sabre cutlery are crafted by expert artisans in Paris. Their eccentric and stylish pieces encompass both traditional elegance and contemporary chic. The resultant effect is that of charm and class. These pieces will elevate you table settings from the everyday to the extraordinary and add that touch of theatrical flare every dinner party should have.

Product Care:
Dishwasher safe to a maximum of 130°f.
Avoid abrasive sponges and strong detergent. 

Made to Order - Lead Time: 
2-3 Weeks

Old Fashioned Serving Set includes:
x6 or x12 - Teaspoon (6”)
x1 or x2 - Tart slicer (10 ¼ “)
x1 or x2 - Salad set (10 ¼ “)
x1 or x2 - Serving spoon (10 ¼ “)
x6 or x12 - Cake fork (6”)
x6 or x12 - Bread knife (11 ¼ “)
x6 or x12 - Butter spreader (6”)
x6 or x12 - Ice cream spoon (8 ¾ “)
x6 or x12 - Cocktail fork (4 ¾ “)
x1 or x2 - Tongs (small) (4 ¾ “)
x1 or x2 - Tongs (large) (6 ¾ “)
x6 or x12 - Napkin rings N/A
x6 or x12 - Demi-tasse spoon (4 1/8 “)

Available in colours:
Dark Grey
Dark Green
Garden Green
Steel Blue

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