Botanical Candle - Mini Set

A spellbinding scented candle both feminine and masculine. Time honoured accord of jasmine, rose with a dash of orange blossom, bergamot and summer berries.
The Botanical Candle - Mini Set includes 3 candles each holding 90g of wax. 


This product is currently out of stock but is available for pre-order and will be available for despatch very soon. Please contact our Concierge to place your order – concierge@rachelbatesinteriors.com

Product Details

The Rachel Bates Botanical Candle is produced exclusively by Ormonde Jayne, a London based perfumery renowned not only for their perfumes but for their high quality candles which have been consistently ranked at the very top of the market. Using the finest oils, Ormonde Jayne candles are designed to fill the air with sophisticated scent. Each candle is developed in their London studio and is hand-poured and tested until perfect.
Linda Pilkington of Ormonde Jayne produced this special candle to compliment the essence of Rachel Bates and her brand.

The Botanical Candle Mini Set includes 3 candles, each holding 90g of wax and includes a high percentage of oils. The candles are hand poured in Ormonde Jayne's London studio. The candle receptacle has been designed with the Rachel Bates brand colours and features Rachel's signature lace cap hydrangea design.

The Fine Art of Candle Burning:
We recommend that with each burn the candle is lit long enough for the wax surface to be entirely melted to the edge of the glass.
Trim the wick before relighting, making sure the wick is still centred and straight.
If the wick has dried off-centre, light it and gently manoeuvre it back to the centre using a matchstick. The wick may now be too long and be puffing out black smoke.  If this is the case, blow out the candle, cut the wick and relight.
Keep the candle clean. Use kitchen roll to wipe any residue off the top of the glass.
Position the lit candle away from draughts and flammable materials.
Do not burn candles on surfaces susceptible to heat damage.
Never leave a candle unattended or near children and pets.
Never allow the candle flame to touch the outside of the glass.
Take care when blowing out the candle and leave to cool down before picking up.

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