Rachel Bates' design style is colourful, elegant, exquisite & of the finest artisan quality. Rachel, has always been a champion of bespoke, handmade products and the use of centuries old techniques that are often lost and forgotten about in the modern and fast paced world of today. Her designs always take every last detail that little bit further and add an extra element of excellence, opulence and individuality to all her products. Rachel's launch collections showcase limoges handpainted porcelain, crystal, decorative accessories, furniture, paint, rugs and candles. With so much more to come from her exciting & flamboyant label. 


Champagne Sets


Decorative Accessories


Little Luxuries

Limoges Porcelain




Table, Bed & Bath Linen

Sleepwear, Loungewear & Travel Essentials

Clothing & Footwear

Jewellery & Accessories

Rachel in the Kitchen

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